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Some Risks Involved In Mobile Computing Devices

There is no doubt that mobile computing device is made for good and advancement in this world of technology. No matter how hard the situation goes, technology and discoveries are always finding ways to solve the issue and lessen the burdens and disadvantages. But no matter how advantage a system may bring, there is always a disadvantage in every aspect.

In regard to this, I will discuss the disadvantages and risks of a mobile computing device. My purpose is not to degrade or taking you away from these advancements but only to make you aware of the consequences and in this case, we can do better and have precautions on our every own action. Make it sure that actions must be taken care of, so that we can have a better and well modernized society.

Mobile computing devices carries a big memory disc and can store hundreds of files. We always put lots of our important files in this memory so it would be easy for us to access it at anytime. Risk will occur in this case since most of us frequently left our mobile computing device unprotected. Thus, it makes it easy for some hackers to steal our files and loss it. But even though the file was not totally lost or stolen, these system intruders easily gains access and copy an important file if we left or devices unprotected. And during wireless communication is a perfect timing for these program intruders to enter on your system virtually.

If left with no firewall and no protection at all, they can even install a spyware program that will log all information and processes you've done to your device. And in worst cases, capturing of credit card information, account log in details and passwords, company's confidential formula, and studies saved on your system. They can do this easily at no sweat and hassle free.
Files may include savings on the bank when you go online banking, or social security number, health benefactors, research and facts that are not published yet, formulas, contact details, property information, and even decryption keys.

If we are working on a company, the company will entrust us the internal information and the client's information as well. Most of the time, we keep these files on our system so we can access it right away. And the best security that we can do is to have it encrypted so nobody can access it. The risk is that, if we lost the decryption key, there is no way for us to read or access the encrypted key. So it would a lost of file forever and no way to unlock it ever.

These are just the major risk if we depend on mobile computing device. However, these disadvantages and risks are manageable. If we only do our part with responsibility, then we can surely avoid any risks and/or damages to any restricted file that we and/or our company are trying to protect.


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