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The Mobile Computing And Mobile Devices

Nowadays, mobile computing is nearly everyone's essential part of their daily routine. From the checking of business mails while on the go, visiting social network sites while in the mall or at the airport, and carrying out various kinds of businesses and transactions, it plays a huge role to draw people together even when physically apart.

It brings the younger generation connected with each other and keeps the older professional generation always updated with each other's transactions. Simply put, the mobile computing, with the use of various high technology gadgets and devices, makes communication easier and the lives of the people more convenient by staying informed and updated with the current goings-on.

A Short History

Mobile computing can be traced back to its first use in the 1990s. Laptops have become the mainstream device which people use back then to keep connected to each other. Since then, countless number of devices has forayed into the market bringing a newer sense of wireless communication and an extra edge to everyone's communication dilemma. To this date, this type of communication has become the most powerful tool both for personal and business use.

In the years before mobile computing was introduced to the wireless business, the static network was used for the communication. It meant having radio transmitters operating at a stable base, with large antennas providing the communication. One example was the two-way radios, which police officers used.

Now, they have access to the wireless world with the help of various high-end devices, which are capable of accessing wirelessly the internet, offered by different technology companies. These devices, in order to become capable, were either installed with wireless cards, or featured with Bluetooth or Infrared interfaces.

Since the 1990s, the evolution of the mobile computing has become so rapid and persistent that the convenience of wireless connectivity is already now right under everyone's very nose. Tons of solutions are offered by various mobile computing companies.

The Handheld Gadgets

The mobile phones are loaded with features that let the user access the internet wirelessly through the Bluetooth interfaces or wireless cards. Smart phones are very in now, with all kinds of features you wouldn't imagine will have many years ago.

The personal digital assistants and modern laptops have likewise the most common used gadgets to access the wireless world wherever the user may be. With the wi-fi hotspots scattered everywhere, everybody can tap their gadget just to take advantage of the sometimes free internet connection.

Tons of software development have become so common these days because manufacturer wanted to introduce the wireless world become more available and ready to the consumers. In fact, there is more software development for handheld devices than the desktops.

The Pocket PCs

Another handheld device, the Pocket PCs, is very popular nowadays for use of the mobile computing advantage. It is, in many manners, similar to the personal digital assistants and a small version of desktops/laptops in the way it works and functions. The Palm Pilot was the first to introduce this gadget. But to this day, many companies have introduced their own such as the HP, Toshiba, Dell, and others.

The Pocket PCs are very handy, very easy to use, and have desktop and mobile computing interfaces that accessing internet via Internet Explorer, Google and other ISPs has become so easy to do, aside from the fact that the mobility allows one to download, play games, MP3s, electronic books, and other applications.


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